Sentence Examples with the word TB

In the free imperial cities there was more manliness of tone than elsewhere, but there was little of the generous rivalry Tb among the different classes which had once raised them cHis to a high level of prosperity.

He has first tb enumerate the names which the child may bear, so that the parents may make choice of one of them.

He Lacked, In Fact, But One Thing Tb Make Him A Great Novelist: He Had No Conception Of How To Construct A Plot.

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To the same century we may assign the grammarian Theodosius of Alexandria, who, instead of confining himself (like Dionysius Thrax) to the tenses of Tb rTW in actual use, was the first to set forth all the imaginary aorists and futures of that verb, which have thence descended through the Byzantine age to the grammars of the Renaissance and of modern Europe.

Agapr avOVVC) Lire Kai 7rpavvovvc Tb Kolar, Kai vvveubocovae Tols 7rpavvovv11,.

These also, like the lignites of Bovey Tracey, have been referred to the Miocene period, on the supposed evidence of the plants; but more recent discoveries by Gardner tend tb throw doubt on this allocation, and suggest that, though of various ages, the first-formed of these deposits may date back to early Eocene times.

Such a combination of offices naturally makes us think of the Maccabean priest-kings of the 2nd century B.C. The possibility of doubting this reference is excluded by the words that immediately follow: - cal 7rpovhuv77vars Tb alrip,LCa mirth; 13TL inrip UoWY airoBavEirac iv 7roXE,uoLS 6paroLS Kai aoparocs' Kal iv u 7 tiv g o rat lavtXEUS aid,vcos.

The commune, however, subsisted, and was on several occasions strong enough tb eject the masters who were distasteful to it.

The defeat and dispersal of the Boer armies, and the apparent collapse of Boer resistance, induced a hope that the war was over; and the government seized the opportunity in Tb iooo to terminate the parliament, which had already of endured for more than five years.

Horizontal cylindrical retorts, holding from 200 to 1200 tb of amalgam, are used in the larger Californian mills, pot retorts being used in the smaller mills.