Sentence Examples with the word Türe

A liquid in which the com position is nearly that of the eutectic shows the changes in the rate of fall of tempera ture as it is allowed to cool.

The struc ture of the lateral eye of Limulus was first described by Grenacher, and further and more accurately by Lankester and Bourne (5) and by Watase; that of Scorpio by Lan kester and Bourne, FIG.

Their leader, Ture Rudbeck, was elected marshal of the Diet over Frederick Axel von Fersen (q.v.), the Hat candidate, by a large majority; and, out of the hundred seats in the secret committee, the Hats succeeded in getting only ten.

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It Progress of agricul- is probable that very little improvement had taken ture from place, either in the cultivation of the soil or in the 1688 to management of live stock, from the Restoration down 1760.

V other respects the struc ture of an ordinary female Cephalodiscus.

The actual tempera ture of the metal itself can then be observed by inserting thermometers or thermo-couples at measured distances from the centre.

The hydroid colony shows many variations in form and architec- ture which depend simply upon differences in the methods in which polyps are budded.