Sentence Examples with the word T is

The farther descent of the bucket being thus arrested, the special cable T is now slackened, so that the conical bottom of the bucket drops down, pressing down by its weight the the string of moulds, each thus containing a pig, moves slowly forward, the pigs solidify and cool, the more quickly because in transit they are sprayed with water or even submerged in L Winter Stock Pile .?t' S ..

When the force acts on a body free to turn about a fixed axis only, it is convenient to express the work done by the transformed product TO, where T is the average turning moment or torque acting to produce the displacement 0 radians.

The couple T is necessarily accompanied by an equal and opposite couple acting on the frame, which couple endeavours to turn the frame in the opposite direction to that in which the axle rotates.

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The lower end e of the cable in the tank T is taken to the testing room, so that continuous tests for electrical condition can be made.

Let PP1P2 be the path of the moving point, and let OT, OT 1, OT2, be drawn from the fixed point 0 parallel and equal to the velocities at P, P 1, respectively, then the locus of T is the hodograph of the orbits described by P (see figure).

The rate at which work is done on a particular axle is measured by the product where T is the torque or turning moment exerted on the axle by the motor or mechanism applied to it for this purpose, and is the angular velocity of the axle in radians per second.

If T is the mean torque, the work done on the crank-axle per revolution is 27rT.

The special cable T is now tightened again, and lifts the bottom of the bucket so as both to close it and to close the space between J and K, by allowing J to rise back to its initial place.

Nestle (Septuaginta Studien III.) contends that the text of A and T is derived from the Apost.

At the end of words the English t is really aspirated, a breath being audible after the t in words like bit, hit, pit.