Sentence Examples with the word Systeme

Though vigorous in thought and in some passages clear and eloquent, the style of the Systeme is diffuse and declamatory, and asserts rather than proves its statements.

In 1850 he became a member of the Institute, and in the following year published an important work in favour of free trade, under the title of Examen du systeme commercial connu sous le nom de systeme protecteur.

In foreign affairs Catherine devoted her attention mainly to pushing forward the Russian frontier westwards and south- Foreign wards, and as France was the traditional ally of policy of Sweden, Poland and Turkey, she adopted at first Cath- the so-called systeme du Nord, that is to say, a close erine.

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Barry, Renan (1905); Sorel, Le Systeme historique de R.

The Mecanique celeste with its four supplements occupies the first 5 vols., the 6th contains the Systeme du monde, and the 7th the Th.

Fustel de Coulanges, Histoire des institutions politiques de l'ancienne France (Les Origines du systeme feodal, 1890; Les Transformations de la royaute pendant l'epoque carolingienne, 1892); A.

In the Systeme social (1 773), the Politique naturelle (1773-1774) and the Morale universelle (1776) Holbach attempts to rear a system of morality in place of the one he had so fiercely attacked, but these later writings had not a tithe of the popularity and influence of his earlier work.

In his Recherches sur differents points importants du systeme du monde (1754-1756) he perfected the solution of the problem of the perturbations of the planets, which he had presented to the academy some years before.

To the following year (1688) belongs his Digression sur les anciens et les modernes, in which he took the modern side in the controversy then raging; his Doutes sur le systeme physique des causes occasionnelles (against Malebranche) appeared shortly afterwards.

In 1846 he published his greatest work, the Systeme des contradictions economiques ou philosophie de la misere.