Sentence Examples with the word Systematizing

Very early date the theological school of Heliopolis Irtook the task of systematizing the gods and the hs, and it is mainly to them that is due the Egyptian tions.

The representative of this tendency, Chrysippus, addressed himself to the congenial task of assimilating, developing, systematizing the doctrines bequeathed to him, and, above all, securing them in their stereotyped and final form, not simply from the assaults of the past, but, as after a long and successful career of controversy and polemical authorship he fondly hoped, from all possible attack in the future.

The issue of this circular by subscribing firms, on the basis of particulars collected by brokers appointed at a weekly meeting, gave rise in 1841 to the Cotton Brokers' Association, to which the development of the market by the systematizing of procedure is largely due.

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The Associated Charities is an incorporated organization for systematizing the various charities of the city.

Fresenius, the founder of the Zeitschrift fiir analytische Chemie (1862), we are particularly indebted for perfecting and systematizing the various methods of analytical chemistry.

To-day anthropology is grappling with the heavy task of systematizing the vast stores of knowledge to which the key was found by Boucher de Perthes, by Lartet, Christy and their successors.

He did good service in systematizing the operational laws of algebra, and in throwing light upon the nature and use of imaginaries.