Sentence Examples with the word Syrus

Burgess, Select Metrical Hymns of Ephrem Syrus (1853).

From Epiphanius (loc. cit.) and Ephraem Syrus (Opp. Syr.

Cunningham also edited the works of Virgil and Phaedrus (together with the Sententiae of Publilius Syrus and others).

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It was in the East especially that preaching flourished: Eusebius of Caesarea, Eusebius of Emesa, Athanasius, Macarius, Cyril of Jerusalem, Ephraem Syrus among the orthodox; and of the Arians, Arius himself and Ulfilas the great Gothic missionary, are all of high quality; but above even these stand out the three Cappadocians,Basil (q.v.) of Caesarea,cultured, devout and practical; his brother Gregory of Nyssa, more inclined to the speculative and metaphysical, and Gregory (q.v.) of Nazianzus, richly endowed with poetic and oratorial gifts, the finest preacher of the three.

Of the Christian Orientals those that afford most information are Ephraem Syrus (d.