Sentence Examples with the word Syringe

Minutes later when the nurse arrived with a syringe of medicine, Destiny was asleep again, still clutching the doll to her chest.

The injections are made by means of a hypodermic syringe into the subcutaneous tissue, into a vein, into one of the serous sacs, or more rarely into some special part of the body.

Disoriented, Rhyn glanced down and pulled the syringe out of his thigh, where the angel had stabbed him.

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When the, fruit begins to ripen, syringing must be discontinued till the crop is gathered, after which the syringe must be again occasionally used.

After the fruit has set, the foliage should be refreshed and cleansed by the daily use of the syringe or garden engine.

Great care must be taken to syringe the leaves thoroughly at least once a day, and to deluge the paths with water, so as to produce a moist atmosphere.

To destroy the red spider, syringe the plants copiously at night, and splash the paths with water.