Sentence Examples with the word Syrie

Guys, Statistique du Pachalik d'Alep (1853), and Esquisse de l'etat de la Syrie (1862); E.

He belonged to the leading family of Palmyra, which bore, in token of Roman citizenship, the gentilicium of Septimius; hence his full name was Septimius Odainath (Vogue, Syrie centrale, Nos.

At the critical moment the queen's courage seems to have failed her; she and her son fled from the city to seek 1 See the Palmyrene inscriptions given in Vogue, Syrie centrale, Nos.

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Dussaud, Les Arabes en Syrie (1907).

Iii.) and De Vogue (La Syrie centrale) made in 1861-1862.

De Goeje, Memoire sur la conque'te de la Syrie (Leiden, 1900); Butler, Arab Conquest of Egypt (Oxford, 1902); art.