Sentence Examples with the word Synangia

In all these genera there is an obvious similarity to the synangia of Kaulfussia, while in some respects Marattia or Danaea is approached.

When the synangia are ripe dehiscence takes place along a median line between the two rows of loculi.

In another Pecopteroid genus, Sturiella, the synangia resemble those of Asterotheca, but each sporangium is provided with a band of enlarged cells of the nature of an annulus (fig.

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In the genus Danaeites, from the Coal Measures of the Saar, the synangia are much like those of the recent Danaea, each sporangium opening by an apical pore.

The synangia consist of a stout wall composed of thick-walled cells, succeeded by a layer of more delicate and smaller elements; and internal to the wall occur two rows of sporangial loculi containing microspores.