Sentence Examples with the word Symptomatic

Wide departures from the normal standard are met with and are symptomatic of certain nervous conditions.

This frame of mind, however, is mainly symptomatic of the lower levels of cult.

His art-criticism is symptomatic of a phase of European taste which tried in vain to check the growing individualism of Romanticism.

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The preparations of morphia are of great value in the symptomatic treatment of the disease.

It is certain that towards the close of this third and concluding Late Minoan period in the island certain mainland types of swords and safety-pins make their appearance, which are symptomatic of the great invasion from that side that was now impending or had already begun.

Alternative medicine was symptomatic of what happened in many areas of society at the same moment.

It very frequently happens that we do not know what the underlying condition is, and we are forced simply to relieve as best we can the most prominent and most distressing symptoms. In symptomatic treatment we are frequently obliged to use remedies simply because we know they have done good before in similar cases, and we expect them to do so again without having the least idea of how they act.

Thus it was, partly because the habit of acceptance of authority, waning but far from extirpated, dictated to the clinical observer what he should see; partly because the eye of the clinical observer lacked that special training which the habit and influence of experimental verification alone can give, that physicians, even acute and practised physicians, failed to see many and many a symptomatic series which went through its evolutions conspicuously enough, and needed for its appreciation no unknown aids or methods of research, nor any further advances of pathology.

In later times the conception of conscience as an inward monitor is symptomatic of the same movement of thought.