Sentence Examples with the word Switched

The milkers would let me keep my hands on the cows while they milked, and I often got well switched by the cow for my curiosity.

Quinn, still steaming, plopped down and switched on the television to a college football game, turning off the sound.

The telephone was switched out of circuit when not in use and the bell put in its place, a key being used for throwing the battery into circuit to make the signal.

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Two receiving instruments, a siphon recorder and a mirror galvanometer, are shown; one only is absolutely necessary, but it is convenient Cable to have the galvanometer ready, so that in case of accident to the recorder it may be at once switched into circuit by the switch s.

The clouds were breaking up and the wind had switched around to the south.

Fred switched the dial to a local talk show.

I switched boats mid stream and expected you to follow me.

By the early twentieth century, most manufacturing of fertilizer had switched to the synthetic production of ammonium sulfate and ammonium phosphate.

If the trunk didn't get switched while the auctioneer had it, then it must have been swapped back when it was in storage.

He switched to the ground battle and hastened through the size, position, and make-up of each of the major ground armies.