Sentence Examples with the word Swiss

INTERLAKEN, a Swiss town (1864 ft.) in the canton of Berne, situated on the flat plain (Bodeli) between the lakes of Brienz (E.) and of Thun (W.), and connected by steamer, as well as by railway (171 m.) with the town of Thun.

The battle went on by moonlight till close on midnight, when the Swiss retired a short distance.

The introduction of European immigrants dates from 1818 when a Swiss colony was located at Nova Friburgo, near Rio de Janeiro, and it was continued under the direction and with the aid of the imperial government down to the creation of the republic. Since then the state governments have assumed charge of immigration, and some of them are spending large sums in the acquisition of labourers.

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A few shots were fired - it is not known who fired first - on the 15th, the Swiss regiments 'stormed the barricades and street fighting lasted all day.

The early part of Alexander's reign (1801-25) was a period of generous ideas and liberal reforms. Under the influence of his Swiss tutor, Frederick Cesar de Laharpe, he Alex- had imbibed many of the democratic ideas of the time, and he aspired to put them in practice, with the assistance at first of three young friends, Novosiltsov, Adam Czartoryski and Strogonov, who were his intimate counsellors and were popularly known as the Triumvirate, and later of Mikhail Speranski.

There are a number of museums; the historical (archaeological and medieval), the natural history (in which the skin of Barry, the famous St Bernard dog, is preserved), the art (mainly modern Swiss pictures), and the Alpine (in which are collections of all kinds relating to the Swiss Alps).

The shores of the lake - reminding a visitor somewhat of the Swiss lake of Lucerne - rise almost sheer to over 6000 ft.

Curia Raetorum, Romonsch Cuera), the capital of the Swiss canton of the Grisons.

Thus a legal tie between Geneva and two of the Swiss cantons was established, while the duke did not any longer venture to annoy the Genevese, as he clung to his fine barony of Vaud.

Of all these interventions the most justifiable and beneficent, perhaps, was that which related to the Swiss cantons.