Sentence Examples with the word Swirling

When it slowed for the drive, the dust caught up, hiding it in a swirling cloud.

He looked pissed as it was, his unusual golden eyes swirling in a way not even remotely human.

For a few minutes he stared into the cup, absently swirling it around.

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Desire fed into her swirling emotions.

They moved like smoke, shifting and swirling as they crawled the walls.

She drank heavily and opened her eyes, surprised to see his eyes open and the gold swirling within them.

But even with those bleak thoughts swirling in her head, she felt herself slide under his spell once again.

She breathed deeply of the clear air and listened to the sound of the creek darting over rocks - swirling against its banks.

He folded, face turning crimson and gold eyes swirling madly.

Her words lit his blood on fire, and he eased her back against the couch, their magics swirling around them.