Sentence Examples with the word Swirled

Her irises swirled again and her frown grew.

She swirled it, considering when she had last drunk some of the sweet, tart cider.

Now she swirled in the billows, now she spring upward on a gigantic wave, only to be driven down with angry howl and hiss.

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Snow swirled around her as she strode from the mansion into the cold morning.

An image of Darkyn appeared forefront before the images swirled and began to play a disjointed movie.

It flipped her hair and swirled around her.

It was filled with maroon blood swirled with black.

Her fingers swept over the cuff, and anger swirled through her again.

Light and shadow bent and swirled around him, his magic magnified by the immortal world.

Yancey swirled her around and leaned his head down, speaking in a low voice.