Sentence Examples with the word Swiped

She swiped the hand away, blinking to clear her gaze as she stared into a fire.

He swiped a badge to enter what she imagined was the Mecca of all science labs, with rows of stainless steel, machines, computers, and glass.

A bug crawled across her leg, and she swiped it away.

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Then he added, You might have better luck learning who's been trying to buy the worthless mine and who at Bird Song swiped the itsy-bitsy bone you found.

It swiped at her, and she backpedaled, hopping to her feet.

She'd stepped near him in her dream, until he swiped at her, and she tried to free a scream from her frozen body.

The chilly ocean breeze made her dress move as if it was alive, and she swiped at the pink hair blinding her.

She swiped an arm across her face in an attempt to brush away the tears.

She gave a startled cry, shot up from her seat, and swiped the creatures from her lap in one movement.

He swiped the mask and hood from the floor and put them on.