Sentence Examples with the word Swift

The patronage of his uncle galled him: he was dull and unhappy We find in Swift few signs of precocious genius.

I hope the swift winged messengers of love will be here to carry some of the sweet melody to you, in your little study by the Merrimac.

When human problems no longer are bound by the capacity and speed of our brains and the slow passage of time but instead are addressed at the speed of the fastest processors, change will be swift and profound.

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Writers the most unlike each other - Swift and Hugh Boulter, George Berkeley and George Stone, Arthur Young and Dr Thomas Campbell - all tell the same tale.

The headwaters of the rivers are for the most part mountain streams or elevated lakes; farther on their swift and winding currents - flowing sometimes between wide intervales, sometimes between rocky banks - are marked by numerous falls and fed by lakes.

With bitter indignation Swift denounced the simony and threw up his chaplaincy, but he was ultimately reconciled to Berkeley by the presentation to the rectory of Agher in Meath with the united vicarages of Laracor and Rathbeggan, to which was added the prebend of Dunlavin in St Patrick's - the total value being about 230 a year.

Within are shabby shelves, ranged round with old decanters, bottles, flasks; and in those jaws of swift destruction, like another cursed Jonah (by which name indeed they called him), bustles a little withered old man, who, for their money, dearly sells the sailors deliriums and death.

As we have seen, God came upon him in the whale, and swallowed him down to living gulfs of doom, and with swift slantings tore him along 'into the midst of the seas,' where the eddying depths sucked him ten thousand fathoms down, and 'the weeds were wrapped about his head,' and all the watery world of woe bowled over him.

With their eyes on the ends of the earth, and a ring of enemies from Constantinople to the Antilles, the Spaniards fought, with steadily diminishing material resources, with a character and intellect which shrivelled by swift degrees.

Her sympathy is of the swift and ministering sort which, fortunately, she has found so often in other people.