Sentence Examples with the word Swarming

He'd ignored the demons swarming her apartment building and followed her over the side of the building.

When this stage of swarming is reached the bee-keeper has but to take his hiving skep, hold it under the swarm, and shake the bees into it, preparatory to transferring them into a frame-hive already prepared for their re ception.

The Hero, Left At The Head Of A Fatherless Family Of Twelve When Nearly Through College, Turns From The Glut Of Graduates Swarming Round The Prospects Of Professional City Bred Careers, Steadfastly Wrests A Home From The Wilderness, Helps His Brothers And Sisters, Marries A Habitante Fit For The Wife Of A Pioneer,.

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Paris at once rose in revolta Paris of swarming and unpoliced streets, that had been making French history ever since the reign of Henry IV., and that had not forgotten the barricades of the League.

And in this same last or shoe, that old woman of the nursery tale, with the swarming brood, might very comfortably be lodged, she and all her progeny.

As the drones increase in number queen-cells are formed, unless steps be taken to turn aside the swarming impulse by affording additional room beforehand in the hive.

The strongest belief of the natives was in the power of the ghosts of the dead, so that they carried the bones of relatives to secure themselves from harm, and they fancied the forest swarming with malignant demons.

Mingling their mumblings with his own mastications, thousands on thousands of sharks, swarming round the dead leviathan, smackingly feasted on its fatness.

But in the mode of detecting these swarming bodies, a typical change was made on the 22nd of December 1891, Max Wolf.

In Bombay these towers are erected in a beautiful garden on the highest point of Malabar Hill, amid trees swarming with vultures; they are constructed of stone, and rise some 25 ft.