Sentence Examples with the word Swap

Striking up a swap or a bargain, I suppose.

Why, do ye see, the old man is hard bent after that White Whale, and the devil there is trying to come round him, and get him to swap away his silver watch, or his soul, or something of that sort, and then he'll surrender Moby Dick.

Unable to help her curiosity, she stepped onto the porch and leaned against the railing, watching the three men swap in and out to spar.

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The boys had been playing switch and swap every time it suited their fancy since they had shared a crib.

Determined to swap it out for a picture of a horse or something bland, Jessi poured herself another cup of coffee and snatched the iPad, settling on the couch within view of the porch.

Sofia watched the plates swap out before her as those around her gorged themselves on gourmet dishes she'd only seen on TV.