Sentence Examples with the word Swallowing

Schwartz (Prahistorisch-anthropologische Studien) readily proves Cronus to be the storm, swallowing the clouds.

The storm is swallowing up the levies, and we sent folks north.

The stomach may become distended with gas on account of acid fermentation leading to the frequent swallowing of saliva, and both this form of flatulence and that caused by the actual formation of gas are much diminished by such drugs as tend to prevent fermentation.

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He paused, taking a bite of the sweet potatoes, chewing them and then swallowing before continuing.

About the size of a large domestic fowl, they are birds of nocturnal habit, sleeping, or at least inactive, by day, feeding mostly on earth-worms, but occasionally swallowing berries, though in captivity they will eat flesh suitably minced.

A crack split the street, swallowing her father-in-law and her little girl.

P. 285) sees in it an indication that, as the daughter of Metis, Athena was already invested with a mental and moral character, and explains the swallowing of Metis (for which compare the story of Cronus and his children) by the desire to attribute an extraordinary birth to one in whom masculine traits predominated.

In front of the bed, a dark cave had opened in the middle of her room, swallowing the wall where the door had been.

This morning Nancy, her favourite doll, seemed to have some difficulty about swallowing the milk that was being administered to her in large spoonfuls; for Helen suddenly put down the cup and began to slap her on the back and turn her over on her knees, trotting her gently and patting her softly all the time.

The earth in flames, with earthquakes swallowing whole towns and buildings burning.