Sentence Examples with the word Survived

The account in the Book of Kings is so phrased that one might naturally infer from it that Sennacherib was assassinated by his sons immediately after his return from the disastrous campaign in Palestine; but in point of fact, as it now appears, the Assyrian king survived that campaign by twenty years.

The social and political decrepitude of Italy, where patriotism was unknown, and only selfishness survived of all the motives that rouse men to action, found its representative and exponent in Guicciardini.

Monroe was married in 1786 to Elizabeth Kortwright (1768-1830) of New York, and at his death was survived by two daughters.

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The journal was at first published in Czech and German, and the Czech edition survived to become the most important literary organ of Bohemia.

Lana almost uttered a cry of surprise, astonished he'd survived the missiles.

In 1502 Machiavelli married Marietta Corsini, who bore him several children, with whom, in spite of his own infidelities, he lived on good terms, and who survived him twenty-six years.

Those whose stubborn persistence in error survived all these inducements to repent were sent into exile.

His father, Joseph Louis Lagrange, married Maria Theresa Gros, only daughter of a rich physician at Cambiano, and had by her eleven children, of whom only the eldest (the subject of this notice) and the youngest survived infancy.

Whether if Cromwell had survived he would have succeeded in gradually establishing legal government is a question which can never be answered.

It is a silver casket or lady's toilet box, in which were found an ampulla and other small objects, enriched with niello-work.5 From Roman times till the end of the 16th century the art of working in niello seems to have been constantly practised in some part at least of Europe, while in Russia and India it has survived to the present day.