Sentence Examples with the word Surveyed

His eyes were soft in the candlelight as he surveyed her jumbled mass of curls.

In the same year the French navigator D'Entrecasteaux visited the south portion of the island and surveyed the coast.

John Forrest also surveyed in 1878 the north-western district between the rivers Ashburton and Lady Grey, and in 1882 the Fitzroy district.

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As to the proprietors Franklin succeeded in 1760 in securing an understanding that the assembly should pass an act exempting from taxation the unsurveyed waste lands of the Penn estate, the surveyed waste lands being assessed at the usual rate for other property of that description.

On reaching the North American coast, he proceeded northward, fixed the position of the western extremity of America and surveyed Bering Strait.

Marshall, civil engineers, surveyed every part of the cave.

Each time, when he came to the surface, turning his head this way and that, he cooly surveyed the water and the land, and apparently chose his course so that he might come up where there was the widest expanse of water and at the greatest distance from the boat.

He turned away, hands on hips as he surveyed the distant beaches.

R-II): he had houses, vineyards, gardens, parks, ponds, forests, servants, flocks and herds, treasures of gold and silver, singers, wives; all these he set himself to enjoy in a rational way - indeed, he found a certain pleasure in carrying out his designs, but, when all was done, he surveyed it only to see that it was weary and unprofitable.

The American Crocker Land expedition, from its base at Etah, surveyed part of the coast between Etah and Hall Basin in 1914-5 and made an hydrographic survey of Foulke Fjord.