Sentence Examples with the word Summit

Or more below where the lava was discharged in great streams, the action at the summit diminishing or wholly ceasing when this discharge began.

The actual highest summit is wholly French and is the loftiest peak in the Alps, and in Europe also, if certain peaks in the Caucasus be excluded.

It is on the windward faces of the highest ground, or just beyond the summit of less dominant heights upon the leeward side, that most rain falls, and all that does not evaporate or percolate into the ground is conducted back to the sea by a route which depends only on the form of the land.

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See also Transactions of the Linnean Society for 1819 (contains a report of an ascent of the summit by Captain Dugald Carmichael in 1817); A.

Instead of obeying he pitched his camp near the summit of a mountain overlooking Monterey, fortified his position, and raised the United States flag.

High in the middle, blocking the only access to the summit of the spur, on the N.E.

In the interior, Ward Hill (1564 ft.) is the loftiest summit in either the Orkneys or Shetlands.

The summit of Cairngorm, 31 m.

It stands upon the slope and summit of the cliffs above Filey Bay, which is fringed by a fine sandy beach.

Following the increase of population north of the Columbia, the territory was divided, and Washington Territory was established on the 2nd of March 1853, with the river as the southern boundary to the point where it is intersected by the forty-sixth parallel, and thence along that parallel to the summit of the Rocky Mountains, thereby including portions of the present states of Idaho and Montana.