Sentence Examples with the word Summing

Bach contrives to give this anti-climax a definite artistic value; all the more from the fact that his Crucifixus and Resurrexit, and the contrast between them, are among the most sublime and directly impressive things in all music. To the end of his Resurrexit chorus he appends an orchestral ritornello, summing up the material of the chorus in the most formal possible way, and thereby utterly destroying all sense of finality as a member of a large group, while at the same time not in the least impairing the force and contrast of the whole - that contrast having ineffaceably asserted itself at the moment when it occurred.

No effective unity can follow from it, because you can only find out the right and wrong of a given course by summing up the advantages and disadvantages, and striking a balance, and there is nothing in the Religion of Humanity to force two men to find the balance onthesame side.

The, most eminent preacher of the century was Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), esteemed alike by gentle and simple, and summing up the popular scholastic and mystical types of preaching.

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The publication in book form (March 20, 1852) was a factor which must be reckoned in summing up the moving causes of the war for the Union.

There is a well-known hexameter summing up this division: Judex, judicium, clerus, connubia, crimen.

Bacon summing up the movement so far as he understood it, in a rather belated way, has no theory of knowledge beyond the metaphor of the mirror held up to nature.

In order that numerical results obtained by summing the first few terms of a series may be of any value, it is usually necessary that the series should converge to a limit; but there are exceptions to this rule.

They are as litigious as a lawsuit - without any summing up; the end comes in a moment with a text of Scripture or an utterance by one of the great Fathers.

It is sometimes assumed that this is measured perfectly by the standard deviation,' which is obtained by taking the squares of the differences between the average and the individual prices, summing them and extracting the square root.

Thus a partition of 6 is 42; writing this in the form z 11' and summing the columns instead of the lines, we obtain the conjugate partition 2211; evidently, starting from 2211, the conjugate partition is 42.