Sentence Examples with the word Summer

The town received a municipal charter in 1860, and during the governorship of Lord Lamington (1896-1897) became the summer residence of the governor and his staff.

None the less the emperor sailed on his Crusade in the summer of 1228, affording to astonished Europe the spectacle of an excommunicated crusader, and leaving his territories to be invaded by papal soldiers, whom Gregory IX.

Bismarck discussed, but did not conclude the treaty; he kept, however, a copy of the draft in Benedetti's handwriting, and published it in The Times in the summer of 1870 so as to injure the credit of Napoleon in England.

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In North America the Carolina parakeet, Conurus carolinensis, at the beginning of the i 9th century used to range in summer as high as the shores of lakes Erie and Ontario - a latitude equal to the south of France; and even much later it reached, according to trustworthy information, the junction of the Ohio and the Mississippi, though now its limits have been so much curtailed that its occurrence in any but the Gulf States is doubtful.

By the end of the month all of the plants that are wanted for the summer decoration of the flower border may be planted out, first loosening a little the ball of earth at the roots.

The men classed in it have to train for six months, and they are called up in the late summer to bridge the The 2nd category of the 1875 law had practically ceased to exist.

The Kremsmunster (42) figures show a smaller but still distinct excess in the summer values.

These and other reasons, notably the manufacture of much fictitious wine with the aid of sugar (fortunately stopped by the rigid new wine laws), led to the grave wine crisis, which almost amounted to a revolution in the Midi in the spring and summer of 1907.

In the summer of 1530 he went to London, where he received alms more abundantly than elsewhere.

In summer the country appears as one waving field of wheat, millet and mealies; whilst on the mountain slopes and on their flat tops are large flocks of sheep, cattle and goats, and troops of ponies.