Sentence Examples with the word Sulcus

Each zooid has six tentacles; the stomodaeum is elongate, but the sulcus and sulculus are very feebly represented.

The stomodaeum is compressed laterally, and is furnished with two longitudinal grooves, a sulcus and a sulculus.

These grooves are known as the sulcus and sulculus, and will be more particularly described hereafter.

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The distinction, therefore, between the movement of the eyeballs, elicited from the occipital (visual) cortex, and that of the hand, elicited from the cortex in the region of the central sulcus (somaesthetic), is not a difference between motor and sensory, for both are sensori-motor in the nature of their reactions; the difference is only a difference between the kind of sense and sense-organ in the two cases, the muscular apparatus in each case being an appanage of the sensual.