Sentence Examples with the word Sujets

Among them are, in addition to those already mentioned, Catechisme d'economie politique (1815); Petit Volume contenant quelques aperqus des hommes et de la societe, lettres a Malthus sur differens sujets d'economie politique (1820); Epitome des principes de l'economie politique (1831).

But already from 1831, when he published his Discours sur quelques sujets religieux (Nouveaux discours, 1841), he had begun to exert a liberalizing and deepening influence on religious thought far beyond his own canton, by bringing traditional doctrine to the test of a living personal experience (see also Frommel, Gaston).

Laurent (1626-1681) became a pastor, and was the author of Sonnets chretiens sur divers sujets (1677); Charles (1633-1697) was professor of physic at the university of Leiden, and physician to the prince of Orange; Peter (1644-1722) was ordained a priest in the Church of England, and became dean of Armagh.

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He caused engravings to be made, at his own expense, of Bartoli's copies from ancient pictures and published Nouveaux sujets de peinture et de sculpture (1755) and Tableaux tires de l'Iliade, de l'Odysse, et de l'Eneide (1757).

Pelet de la Lozere, Opinions de Napoleon sur divers sujets de politique et d'administration (Paris, 1833); Damas-Hinard, Napoleon, ses opinions et jugements sur les hommes et sur les chores (2 vols., Paris, 1838); L.