Sentence Examples with the word Sudan

The former hoped that the garrisons of the Sudan could be extricated without fighting.

Sahel thus understood comprises regions which form the inter mediate zone between the fertile lands of the Sudan and the desert.

He was succeeded by the principal khalif a, Abdullah ci Taaisha, a Baggara Arab, who for the next thirteen years ruled the Sudan with despotic power.

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In the outskirts is a village of Africans from the Sudan - a curious remnant of the forces collected by Ali Pasha.

To smooth the way for the retreat of the Egyptian garrisons and civilians he issued proclamations announcing that the suppression of the slave trade was abandoned, that the Mandi was sultan of Kordofan, and that the Sudan was independent of Egypt.

In 1874 he founded the Sahara and Sudan mission, and sent missionaries to Tunis, Tripoli, East Africa and the Congo.

Haifa is the northern terminus of the Sudan railway and the southern terminus of a steamboat service on the Nile, which, running to Shellal (Assuan), connects there with the Egyptian railways.

EL TEB, a halting-place in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan near the coast of the Red Sea, 9 m.

Wallis Budge, The Egyptian Sudan (London, 1907); J.

Being on the high road from Massawa to central Abyssinia, it is a meeting-place of merchants from Arabia and the Sudan for the exchange of foreign merchandise with the - products of the country.