Sentence Examples with the word Sucked

It is very probable that in Scorpio they do not serve merely to secrete a digestive fluid (shown in other Arthropoda to resemble the pancreatic fluid), but that they also become distended by the juices of the prey sucked in by the scorpion - as certainly must occur in the case of the simple unbranched gastric caeca of the spiders.

Jessi sucked in a deep breath, held it for a count of five then released it.

She sucked in a quick breath and met his gaze steadily.

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Her body strained to heal itself and the Black God, whose touch sucked her healing power fast.

When they left, it sucked the life from the room.

She sucked in deep breaths, on the verge of hysterics after the freaky trip from cliff to spaceship.

His body sucked healing power from her.

Carmen sucked in her breath and looked up at Alex.

Her breath caught as his body sucked up her cool energy.

She sucked in a breath and moved away, flinching as he pushed over the chair separating them.