Sentence Examples with the word Subway

Subway lines, begun in 1904, connect Brooklyn with the subway system of Manhattan.

The commonwealth joined the city of Boston in the construction of a subway beneath the most congested portion of the city for the passage of electric cars.

In dropped Fred O'Connor looking like a New York commuter during a subway strike.

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The subway was built by the city, but leased and operated by a private company on such terms as to repay its cost in forty years.

And opposite New York city, with which it is connected by ferries and by two subway lines through tunnels under the river.

Around the peninsula are spanned by causeways and bridges, East Boston only, that the harbours may be open to the navyyard at Charlestown, being reached by ferry (1870), and by the electric subway under the harbour.

Then you'd get on the bus or subway and go to the polling place and vote.