Sentence Examples with the word Subtracted

This theory of the Leyden phial Franklin supported very ingeniously by showing that the outside and the inside coating possessed electricities of opposite sign, and that, in charging it, exactly as much electricity is added on one side as is subtracted from the other.

The quantity of heat so measured is the total heat of the vapour reckoned from the final temperature of the calorimeter, and the heat of the liquid h must be subtracted from the total heat measured to find the latent heat of the vapour at the given temperature.

But St Luke's account, when the name of Quirinius is subtracted from it, ceases to contain any chronological evidence.

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In leap years one day must be subtracted if the date falls between the 1st of March and 10th of August.

An expression denoting that two or more monomials are to be added or subtracted is a multinomial or polynomial, each of the monomials being a term of it.