Sentence Examples with the word Subsided

The attacks on Origen, which had begun in his lifetime, did not cease for centuries, and only subsided during the time of the fierce Arian controversy.

After the flood subsided God made a covenant with Noah permitting the use of animal food, on condition that the flesh is not eaten with the blood; and forbidding homicide (ix.

Having failed to form a rival party against Sagasta, Martos subsided into political insignificance, despite his great talent as an orator and debater, and died in Madrid on the 16th of January 1893.

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When it subsided the ship was still afloat, but she was nothing but a gutted hull lighted by a dying glare, and she fired no more.

When I reached it, it had subsided to a creamy pool.

Ahab's full lunacy subsided not, but deepeningly contracted; like the unabated Hudson, when that noble Northman flows narrowly, but unfathomably through the Highland gorge.

It was many years before the bitterness of feeling aroused by the repeal agitation entirely subsided in Nova Scotia.

The anti-Masonic excitement subsided as quickly as it had risen, and under the leadership of Thaddeus Stevens the party soon became merged with the Whigs.

But the opposition subsided somewhat on the publication of Tsar Nicholas's congratulations to the king on his engagement and of his acceptance to act as the principal witness at the wedding.

After the first fervour of enthusiasm had subsided the Christian nationalities in Macedonia resumed their old attitude of mutual jealousy, the insurgent bands began to reappear, and the government was in1909-1910forced to undertake the disarmament of the whole civil population of the three vilayets.