Sentence Examples with the word Subjoined

The subjoined history of the country is arranged under the four headings: Walachia, Moldavia, the Danubian Principalities and Rumania, in order to emphasize this historical development.

The country is divided into 19 departments, the area and the population of which, according to the census of 1908, are given in the subjoined table: The average density of population on the above figures is 12.9 per sq.

Spottiswoode published in 1620 Refutatio libelli de regimine ecclesiae scoticanae, an answer to a tract of Calderwood, who replied in the Vindiciae subjoined to his Altare damascenum, (1623).

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The subjoined table shows the chief homologues of pyridine: Pyridine carboxylic acids are usually prepared by oxidizing the homologues of the base; they also result as decomposition products of various alkaloids.

Almost every sentence in it is enigmatic. As now published, there are always subjoined to it certain appendixes, which are ascribed to Confucius himself.

To the short notices of it given in the 4th and 5th parts of the Opus Majus, he subjoined two, or perhaps three, extended accounts of it.

For the application of the foregoing considerations to practice, the subjoined table has been prepared.

Hence the term Appendiculata was introduced by Lankester (preface to the English edition of Gegenbaur's Comparative Anatomy, 1878) to indicate the group. The relationships of the Arthropoda thus stated are shown in the subjoined table: - (Sub-phylum r.