Sentence Examples with the word Subjected

The paper, sugar, salt petroleum and metallurgical industries were subjected to this process, but in.

For a time this officer subjected the town to a periodical bombardment which inflicted much damage, and at the end of 1832 the citadel itself was besieged by a French army.

Of the three methods which have been described, the first two are generally the most suitable for determining the moment or the magnetization of a permanent magnet, and the last for studying the changes which occur in the magnetization of a long rod or wire wl?E:n subjected to various external magnetic forces, or, in other words, for determining the relation of I to H.

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The finished core changes rapidly in its electric qualities at first, and is generally kept for a stated interval of time before being subjected to the specified tests.

He was now exposed to the vengeance of his enemies, and subjected to various indignities and persecutions; he was refused permission to leave the country, and his property was confiscated.

The thickening of the epidermis in the hands and feet, which occurs from constant use, is nature's provision for meeting the extra wear to which these parts are subjected by much use; but pressure is apt to cause the defensive process to be carried too far, and to lead to corns, which give rise to much pain and annoyance.

Extraordinary stories were told of the prowess of Barcochebas and of the ordeals to which he subjected his soldiers in the way of training.

Nevertheless, the monks continued to be subjected to insults as followers of a heretic, until they obtained from Honorius III.

Their allies fared less well; the rebel earls were subjected to heavy fines, and their strongholds were demolished.

After being subjected to persecution for nearly two years, Crispis character was substantially vindicated by the report of a parliamentary commission appointed to inquire into his relations with Favilla.