Sentence Examples with the word Struggled

They obeyed faster than they ever would a command from the Black God, who still struggled to control his vamps.

She struggled with the decision a little longer and then blurted it out.

And yet, he couldn't help feeling as if he alone bore the weight of his planet on his back as he struggled to pay for food, water, and weapons.

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She leaped from the bed and struggled into her jeans, tucking her nightgown in while she grabbed her boots.

While the two crews were yet circling in the waters, reaching out after the revolving line-tubs, oars, and other floating furniture, while aslope little Flask bobbed up and down like an empty vial, twitching his legs upwards to escape the dreaded jaws of sharks; and Stubb was lustily singing out for some one to ladle him up; and while the old man's line--now parting--admitted of his pulling into the creamy pool to rescue whom he could;--in that wild simultaneousness of a thousand concreted perils,--Ahab's yet unstricken boat seemed drawn up towards Heaven by invisible wires,--as, arrow-like, shooting perpendicularly from the sea, the White Whale dashed his broad forehead against its bottom, and sent it, turning over and over, into the air; till it fell again--gunwale downwards--and Ahab and his men struggled out from under it, like seals from a sea-side cave.

She struggled against him, not caring what he did to her now that he'd taken away her only real hope of leaving.

She stared hard at his chest as she struggled with her anger and need.

For a moment she struggled with him until something changed in his eyes.

After the king's death Emma became the wife of Canute the Great, and after his death in 1035 she struggled hard to secure England for her son, Hardicanute.

Darian-- who was older than everyone but Jule-- was going through what Sofia called a teenager phase as he struggled to re-establish his identity after thousands of years as a brainwashed slave.