Sentence Examples with the word Strolled

He parked the car and strolled over to her, stretching out a browned hand in greeting.

He kissed Cynthia good-bye and strolled the sun-lit streets the short distance to Sheriff Jake Weller's office behind the courthouse.

On an impulse, Dean drove back in behind it and strolled over to meet the young man who stepped from the vehicle.

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As his gaze strolled over her face, a smile developed slowly - first in his eyes and then spreading to the corners of his mouth.

A few bold pigeons strolled by, looking for a handout but they waddled on down the path.

Bordeaux paused beside Pete and spoke to him for a moment before he strolled over to join Cassie.

Carmen was waiting for Alex outside the clinic with Destiny one day when the red-headed man strolled up to the car.

The couple strolled down Seventh Street to the bridge that crossed the Uncompahgre River as it spilled its way down from the mountains.

By the time Dean strolled by a few moments later, red-faced Fitzgerald was getting an ear full from a half dozen tourists and an elderly local, known for his unwavering opinions and surly disposition.

I strolled up town, hoping to catch them.