Sentence Examples with the word Stroke

In the south, in spite of the hard-won victory of Albuera, the English attack on Badajoz had to be given up. The same misfortune attended a fresh stroke against Ciudad Rodrigo, and at the end of a campaign in which he had used all his skill and care to compensate for inferior numbers, he withdrew behind the Coa.

During the forward stroke the action of the click is governed by the principles of linkwork; during the backward stroke that action ceases.

According to Hellmann, as quoted by Henry (82), the liability to lightning stroke in Germany may be put at chalk I, clay 7, sand 9, loam 22.

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Even the enemy was the same as at Austerlitz and Friedland--yet the terrible stroke of his arm had supernaturally become impotent.

That glad, happy air, that winsome sky, did at last stroke and caress him; the step-mother world, so long cruel--forbidding--now threw affectionate arms round his stubborn neck, and did seem to joyously sob over him, as if over one, that however wilful and erring, she could yet find it in her heart to save and to bless.

The Jesuits were avenged by a stroke of authority similar to that by which they themselves had suffered.

The first part will be, as before, zinc to the line; at the next half stroke of the beam M will not pass through, as there is no hole in the paper; but at the third half stroke it passes through and copper is put to the line.

The slaughtering - the object of which is to insure the complete bleeding of the body, the Jews being forbidden to eat blood - is done by severing the windpipe with a long and razor-sharp knife by one continuous stroke backwards and forwards.

The stroke of Ravaillacs knife caused a timely descent of the curtain upon this new and tragi-comic Trojan War.

After Becket's flight (1164), the king put himself still further in the wrong by impounding the revenues of Canterbury and banishing at one stroke a number of the archbishop's friends and connexions.