Sentence Examples with the word Strings

I, 0.) is also an elongated cell, with a thin lining of protoplasm, but destitute of a nucleus, and always in communication with the next cell of the leptom strand by perforations (in Pteridophytes often not easily demonstrable), through which originally pass strings of protoplasm which are bored out by a ferment and converted into relatively coarse slime strings, along which pass, we must suppose, the organic substances which it is the special function of the leptoids to conduct from one part of the plant to another.

On one of them I noticed that the strings were of wire, and having had some experience in bead work, I said I thought they would break.

During the whole of that period Napoleon, who seems to us to have been the leader of all these movements--as the figurehead of a ship may seem to a savage to guide the vessel--acted like a child who, holding a couple of strings inside a carriage, thinks he is driving it.

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The eggs of these species are not enveloped by such massive gelatinous P.o.d strings as are those of the genus Lineus.

Furthermore, they are here severed from the principal lobes and connected with them by one or more rather thick strings of nerve-fibres.

To this character the fungus owes its generic name (Marasmius) as well as one of its most valuable qualities for the table, for examples may be gathered from June to November, and if carefully dried may be hung on strings for culinary purposes and preserved without deterioration for several years; indeed, many persons assert that the rich flavour of these fungi increases with years.

The magical papyri teem with strings of senseless and barbaric words which probably answer to what certain of the Fathers called the language of demons.

A small harp of this kind having 20 strings was discovered at Thebes in 1823.

There are strings attached to anyone raised from the dead-dead, but these are of no concern to a deity like they might be to a little human like you.

I., II., III., vomitories) the imaginal disks are to all the three thoracic segments appearance completely separated from of the larva; I, 2, 3, buds the hypodermis, with which they are, of the legs of the imago; la, however, really organically connected bud of head-lobes; f, of by strings or pedicels.