Sentence Examples with the word Strayed

His gaze strayed towards the barracks, where he'd left Bianca.

Newton demonstrated these to be no strayed Phoenician products.

His gaze strayed to the desk, where Katie's file sat.

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Her eyes strayed to the Horsemen on the table.

The Basuto ponies, said to be descended from Shetland ponies which, imported to the Cape in 1840, strayed into the mountains, are short-legged, strong-bodied, sure-footed, and noted for their hardiness.

Having advanced six paces and strayed off the track into the snow, Pierre looked down at his feet, then quickly glanced at Dolokhov and, bending his finger as he had been shown, fired.

Her eyes strayed to the closet, as if wondering if Kiera found the boxes.

Sometimes a terrific whistle brought us to the steps, and Mildred told me in great excitement that a cow or a horse had strayed on the track.

While Froude often strayed away from his authorities, Freeman kept his authorities always before his eyes, and his narrative is here and there little more than a translation of their words.