Sentence Examples with the word Strasse

Riding along the Jager Strasse one day, he saw a crowd of people.

In the city proper, the Konig-strasse and the Kaiser-Wilhelmstrasse, the latter a continuation of Unter den Linden, are the chief streets; while in the fashionable south-west quarter Viktoria - strasse, Bellevue - strasse, Potsdamer - strasse and Kurfiirsten-strasse and the Kurfiirstendamm are the most imposing.

Of Zahringen; in the Franziskaner Platz there is a monument to Berthold Schwarz, the traditional discoverer here, in 1259, of gunpowder; the Rotteck Platz takes its name from the monument of Karl Wenzeslaus von Rotteck (1775-1840), the historian, which formerly stood on the site of the Schwarz statue; and in Kaiser Wilhelm Strasse a bronze statue was erected in 1876 to the memory of Herder, who in the early part of the r9th century founded in Freiburg an institute for draughtsmen, engravers and lithographers, and carried on a famous bookselling business.