Sentence Examples with the word Strapped

At last, he sighed and strapped the bladder to his sword belt.

He showed an interest in trifles, joked about de Beausset's love of travel, and chatted carelessly, as a famous, self-confident surgeon who knows his job does when turning up his sleeves and putting on his apron while a patient is being strapped to the operating table.

After explaining their predicament, he offered them water from a jug strapped to the rear of the vehicle that looked as old as its dusty driver.

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A few days afterward, however, hearing a commotion in the schoolroom, I went in and found Helen on all fours with a pillow so strapped upon her back as to leave a hollow in the middle, thus making a hump on either side.

Tall and lean, with eyes as black as Gabriel's, the man who stood too close for her comfort wore normal enough clothing, aside from the knives strapped to his thighs.

Dressed all in black with weapons strapped in places identical to where Gabriel wore his, the tall man was lean with cold eyes.

They rode bareback, or on a cloth or skin strapped to the horse.

The helicopter lifted away before Brady had two feet in its belly, and the soldier holding her strapped her securely into a seat in the rear while the two of them stood with nonchalance in the center.

Just under seven feet tall and muscular, he wore all black with weapons strapped to various parts of his body.

He slammed the door closed, subduing her hysterical strikes with unexpected gentleness until she lay strapped to the cold table, weeping.