Sentence Examples with the word Strangle

Even the Eskimos, conspicuous as they are for their intelligence and sociability, save themselves the trouble of caring for their sick and old by walling them up and leaving them to die in a lonely hut; the Chukches stone or strangle them to death; some Indian tribes give them over to tigers, and the Battas of Sumatra eat them.

As much as he wanted to welcome the information of his healing planet, he also wanted to strangle the men impregnating his family members.

The Guelph is persuaded that the Ghibeffines wifi annihilate freedom and strangle commerce.

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Something within him clicked, and he recalled his resolve not to let the woman in his life strangle him anymore.

The women members were common property; the period of cohabitation was limited to three days, and the female Areois were bound by oath at initiation to strangle at birth any child born to them.