Sentence Examples with the word Storm

The storm continued most of the night.

The khan made a vigorous defence; and, after the royal troops had been foiled in their attempts to take the city by storm or surprise, a negotiation was proposed by the king which terminated in a treaty of peace.

Two thousand persons lost their lives in Samar and Leyte during the great storm of 1897.

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In 289 Maximian attempted to recover the island, but his fleet was damaged by a storm and he was defeated.

Gustavus made an attempt to storm these fortifications, but he failed to make any impression on them; he failed also in inducing Wallenstein to accept battle, and he was forced to abandon Nuremberg and to march to the protection of Saxony.

The equivocal tone of the new speech from the Throne raised a storm of protest in the Chambers and the country.

Of all generals Wellington was the last to waste a single trained man, and the sight of the breaches of Badajoz after the storm for a moment unnerved even his iron sternness.

Spencer's argument is that, given a story about real people so named, in process of time and forgetfulness the anecdote which was once current about a man named Storm and a woman named Sunshine will be transferred to the meteorological phenomena of sun and tempest.

The identification of Erinyes with Sanskrit Saranyu, the swif tspeeding storm cloud, is rejected by modern etymologists; according to M.

The storm roared in through the ceiling, hail and water pelting her body while thunder deafened her.