Sentence Examples with the word Stool

Conflicted, she returned to the kitchen to find Jonny seated on a stool near a counter.

Cardinal de Retzs red hat, or Madame de Longuevilles stool at the queens side; it was, as its name of Fronde indicates, a hateful farce, played by grown-up children, in several acts.

It was a shock for David Dean to see Fred O'Connor sitting on a wooden stool behind bars at the Ouray County jail.

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In 1301 his grandson and namesake granted to East Looe a market and fair, view of frank pledge, ducking stool and pillory and assize of bread and ale.

Cynthia was spending her third morning hugging the stool when someone knocked on the door.

He sat on the bar stool next to her.

He parked himself at a computer, and she perched on a stool beside him.

He Traveled to the basement lab and perched next to Toni on a stool at a table bearing something that should've made him lose his appetite.

Lighting the pipe at the binnacle lamp and planting the stool on the weather side of the deck, he sat and smoked.

A small stool is then placed over the balance pan, and on this is placed a beaker of distilled water so that the solid is totally immersed.