Sentence Examples with the word Stomach

Four or six radial canals; gonads band-like; stomach prolonged into a manubrium of great length; tentaculocysts enclosed.

The stomach is globular, rather muscular, with a pair of tendinous centres like those of birds; its size is comparatively small, but the digestion is so rapid and powerful that every bone of the creature's prey is dissolved whilst still being stowed away in the wide and long gullet.

They called it acute congestion of the stomach and brain.

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Her stomach fluttered at the idea of her Guardian offering to marry her.

From the stomach and intestines they are rapidly absorbed, and rapidly excreted from the blood, increasing all secretions and the general metabolism.

The dread and guilt at the pit of her stomach were countered by the confusion of knowing that she'd fallen into the grip of the Immortal laws first with Gabriel then with Darkyn.

The stomach is simple, and there is no caecum to the intestine, although this is present in the opossums.

Carmen's stomach twisted into a knot as she followed him upstairs to his office.

These teeth are connected with a framework of movably articulated ossicles developed as thickened and calcified portions of the lining cuticle of the stomach and moved by special muscles in such a way as to bring the three teeth together in the middle line.

Enamel-folds; the stomach has a large glandular mass situated to, the right of the oesophageal orifice; the anal and urino-genital.