Sentence Examples with the word Sting

She floundered to a sitting position, then her feet, cringing as she struggled upright, the sting in her wounded knees bringing tears to her eyes.

A scorpion having seized its prey (usually a large insect, or small reptile or mammal) with the large chelae brings its tail over its head, and deliberately punctures the struggling victim twice with its sting (fig.

The sting of wasps, ants and bees is a modified ovipositor and is used for egg-laying by the fertile females, as well as for defence.

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Fortunately the majority are of small size, and their bites are not followed by more severe effects than those from the sting of a hornet.

Honey bees are protected from a large number of insect enemies because they sting and are distasteful.

The poison-glands of the sting in wasps and bees are well-known examples of these.

I felt a sharp sting as the blade cut.

The four succeeding sections, in which the ovipositor is modified into a sting (always exserted from the tip of the abdomen) and the trochanters are with few exceptions simple, form the Aculeata of Linnaeus.

Bourne (24), the poison exuded by the sting has no injurious effect on another scorpion nor on the scorpion itself.

And the child is afraid of bees and declares that bees exist to sting people.