Sentence Examples with the word Stift

TROMSO, a seaport of Norway, capital of the amt (county) and stift (diocese) of the same name on the north-western coast.

The usual habitat of lemmings is the high lands or fells of the great central mountain chain of Norway and Sweden, from the southern branches of the Langfjeldene in Christiansand stift to the North Cape and the Varangerfjord.

TRONDHJEM, or Throndhjem (sometimes written in the German form Drontheim), a city and seaport of Norway, chief town of the stift (diocese) of Trondhjem and the amt (county) of South Trondhjem, 384 m.

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The university adopted the reformed faith in 1 534, and in 1537 a Protestant theological seminary, a residential college - the so-called Stift - was incorporated with it.