Sentence Examples with the word Stepped

The woman stepped back, one hand fluttering to her throat.

He stepped aside, out of the way to the corridor leading into the fortress.

Lana shivered as she stepped into the cold night.

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Carmen shrugged at Katie's questioning look, and stepped through the door, closing it against prying ears.

At length when he had understood and looked in the direction the old man indicated, he recognized Natasha, and following his first impulse stepped instantly and rapidly toward the coach.

She felt more grounded as she stepped out of the horrible grey elevator onto a thick carpet of green.

Both book and sermon were reported on by a committee appointed by the Lower House of Convocation in May, and steps would have been taken by the archbishop and bishops had not the government stepped in (Hoadly denied that this was at his request) and prorogued Convocation till November.

Although there was cultural opposition in India to Borlaug's methods and seeds, the famine was so bad by 1965 that the government stepped in and urged the project forward.

When the assassin turned away, Rhyn stepped into the living forest.

He gathered up the papers and with a bow to both, stepped softly over the carpet and went out into the waiting room.