Sentence Examples with the word Stepfather

His preaching, his catechizing of the children after evensong, and his connexion with the Bala Methodists - his wife's stepfather being a Methodist preacher - gave great offence.

Dean and his stepfather dined on western style beans, baked potatoes, sourdough bread and the best spareribs either had ever eaten.

He filled in his stepfather on his conversation with Weller as the two shared a macaroni dinner Fred had heated up.

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He assumed it was Fred, with a tray of food and a peck of good intentions, but just now, even his stepfather was not a welcome visitor.

The doctor told Dean his stepfather was too ornery to suffer any lasting effects from his ordeal.

Two days after landing in the United States, Dean received a phone call from Fred O'Connor, the stepfather he'd yet to meet, informing him his mother was gravely ill.

Fawkes's stepfather was connected with many Roman Catholic families, and was probably a Roman Catholic himself, and Fawkes himself became a zealous adherent of the old faith.

Dean tuned Fred to the off position until his stepfather floated back to reality and continued.

Insurrections by adherents of the Alids gave him the opportunity to display his military skill; and when in 870 his stepfather died, by a stroke of luck the fief was given to his father-in-law, who retained Abmad in the lieutenancy, and indeed extended his authority to Alexandria, which had till that time been outside it.

In an effort to release the log jam, Dean gave his stepfather a hand with the moving.