Sentence Examples with the word Stein

Of Metternich, Stadion's successor, he had at the outset no high opinion, and it was not till 1812 that there sprang up between the two men the close relations that were to ripen into life-long friendship. But when Gentz returned to Vienna as Metternich's adviser and henchman, he was no longer the fiery patriot who had sympathized and corresponded with Stein in the darkest days of German depression and in fiery periods called upon all Europe to free itself from foreign rule.

See Welsch, Das Soland Thermalbad Munster am Stein (Kreuznach, 1886) and Messer, Fohrer durch Bad Kreuznach and Munster am Stein (Kreuznach, 1905).

According to the so-called Steinsche Stadteverfassung (the system introduced in Prussia by Stein in 1808), which, to differentiate between it and other systems, is called the Magistratsverfassung (or magisterial constitution), the municipal communes enjoy a greater degree of self-government than do the rural.

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In search of materials for this purpose, Pertz made a prolonged tour through Germany and Italy, and on his return in 1823 he received at the instance of Stein the principal charge of the publication of Monumenta germaniae historica, texts of all the more important historical writers on German affairs down to the year 1500, as well as of laws, imperial and regal archives, and other valuable documents, such as letters, falling within this period.

Kroeger (Guide to Reference Books, 1908) and Stein (Manuel de bibliographie generale, 1897).

Of the Sauerbrunnen lies the Bofen or Biliner Stein (1763 ft.), a large mass of phonolite or clinkstone, with rare flora and fine view.

The ex-Minister Stein was there because his advice was useful and the Emperor Alexander held him in high esteem personally.

To this semicouncil had been invited the Swedish General Armfeldt, Adjutant General Wolzogen, Wintzingerode (whom Napoleon had referred to as a renegade French subject), Michaud, Toll, Count Stein who was not a military man at all, and Pfuel himself, who, as Prince Andrew had heard, was the mainspring of the whole affair.

The revenge of the autocrat was characteristic. Besides driving Stein from office, he compelled Prussia to sign a convention(8th of September) for the payment to France of a sum of 140,000,000 francs, and for the limitation of the Prussian army to 42,000 men.

Frau von Stein had not known of his flight to Italy until she received a letter from Rome; but he looked forward to her welcome on his return.