Sentence Examples with the word Steeled

She met his gaze, her stomach tense as she steeled herself against the response to her next probing question.

If the worldpowers were hard as flint in their dealings with Israel, the people of God were steeled to such moral endurance that each clash of their successive onsets kindled some new flame of devotion.

Taran drew a deep breath and steeled himself against what confrontation was certain to await him.

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Jetr and Ne'Rin were both patient and hopeful, and A'Ran steeled himself to tell them what he must.

Let people have married or be anyhow steeled in continence before they are admitted to baptism.

Nicholas was saved by the very belief of the conspirators in the universal sympathy of the army with their aims. Had the mutinous troops early in the day received the order to attack, they would have carried the waverers with them; but they hesitated to fire on comrades whom they expected to see march over to their side; and when at last the emperor had steeled his heart to use force, a few rounds of grape-shot sufficed to quell the mutiny.

I waited to hear John Luke Grasso, and steeled myself to pretend I didn't recognize the name.

I steeled myself to hide the fear that welled up inside me like the worse cramps I could possibly endure.